Strategic market access

Finding the way into the market – with the right strategy

Market access for pharmaceuticals in Germany has become more difficult since the AMNOG (the German Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganisation Act) came into effect. With the planned European benefit assessment (EU-HTA), further challenges lie ahead. The reimbursement landscape for medical devices has also become increasingly complex as a result of the GKV-Versorgungsstärkungsgesetz (Healthcare Strengthening Act). In addition, the evidence requirements for medical devices are rising.

Our advice on strategic market access aims to give you more planning security. Based on the evidence requirements of the various stakeholders, we develop a comprehensive market access plan that addresses all stakeholders and helps you to avoid misallocations.

Your targets

What we offer

Understand evidence requirements

  • Early advice (G-BA)
  • Joint consulation (EMA, EU-HTA)
  • Stakeholder mappings
  • Stakeholder advisory board meetings

Identify evidence gaps

  • Analysis of study designs and study data
  • Consideration of the requirements of various stakeholders such as HTA agencies and payers

Generate evidence

  • Literature research
  • Real world data
  • Statistical analyses and evaluations
  • Indirect comparisons
  • Meta-analyses and network meta-analyses
  • Benefits dossier
  • Global value dossier

Communicate evidence

  • Value messaging
  • Disease awareness
  • Medical overviews and reviews
  • Health economic publications
  • Scientific posters
  • Slide decks and presentations

How you can benefit from our services:

  • Gain a better understanding of evidence requirements, e.g. by holding advisory board meetings
  • Analysis of evidence gaps and derivation of measures for successful market access
  • Support in generating evidence, e.g. through indirect comparisons and meta-analyses
  • Communication of the evidence to relevant stakeholders, e.g. using slide deck presentations with®