Consider the view of payers in a timely manner to optimize market access

Payer Engagement

It is extremely important for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to consider payer perspectives early in the market access process to optimize the prospect of a successful market entry. Payers provide your company with valuable insights on value story, pricing and reimbursement. This is essential for innovative therapies.

We advise you on which payers or health policy makers are particularly relevant for your product and connect you with them using our excellent network. Collaboration with payers in advisory board meetings is particularly fruitful, and we are happy to organize these for you. An advisory board meeting with payers also helps you personally to expand your network and brings you a lot of visibility in your company.

How you can benefit from our services:

  • Insightful research on the payer landscape
  • High-quality insights through payer interviews
  • Creation of communication materials specifically for payers
  • Organization and moderation of advisory board meetings with payers