Visualisation of health-economic benefit data®: Convincing stakeholders through visualisation

Is your medicinal product or medical device innovative and even leads to savings in the healthcare system? Even if this is the case, be prepared to be met with scepticism. Hospital managers and representatives of health insurance companies have internalised one thing: most medical innovations do not save money, but come "on top" of basic medical care.

You can now effectively counter such concerns by telling your value story convincingly - and this is exactly what®, our innovative toolbox for digital presentations, does.® is ideally suited to support your team in market access, for example in price negotiations or consultations with pharmaceutical sales representatives. Via an intuitively navigable interface, you have access to all evidence relating to your product, such as clinical study data, care data, economic parameters. Depending on the direction of the discussion and objections of stakeholders, you can present prepared scenarios or optionally have them calculated in real-time. This gives you a convincing answer for every objection. With®, you are much more flexible in your argumentation regarding benefits than with discussion folders, PowerPoint presentations or other static media1.

It is quite simple: you send us your data, for instance of clinical studies, and we use it to create a web-based presentation tool that runs on all platforms - naturally using your corporate design. Whether it is on a smartphone or the desktop, whether it is under Windows, iOS or Android – we exclusively use current web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and SVG to visualise your data convincingly.

1) Esser M., Schreier J. Visuelle Nutzenkommunikation. Market Access & Health Policy; 2017 7(1): 28–29

Tablet mit Waterfall Plot® has the following advantages:

Totally convincing

  • Visualizes the whole evidence for your drug or medical product
  • Ideally suited for price negotiations or health policy services
  • Instant access to all relevant data via intuitive user interface
  • Presentation of pre-prepared scenarios or real-time calculations
  • Easy to bring up to date with the newest evidence
  • Branded in your Corporate Design

Intuitive menu navigation

  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • One-click functionality for easy interaction
  • Icon on home screen – just as for native apps

Highly flexible

  • Suitable for use on all tablets and desktop computers
  • Responsive design
  • Available in different languages for easy adaptation in different countries


  • No registration in App Store or Play Store is necessary, as® is a web app
  • Also available offline
  • Your data remains on your server

How® works

You send material to us

We determine together which features you want

We deliver your presentation tool

You convince customers and stakeholders