Reaching the maximum

Pricing and reimbursement

Pharmaceutical companies in Germany – just like in other European countries – are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain an adequate reimbursement price for their products. For innovative medicines, the reimbursement price is usually negotiated directly with the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-SV). The outcome of this reimbursement price negotiation has an enormous impact on the profitability of your company. To achieve an optimal result, you should strive for three points: a holistic view of the product benefits, understanding the perspective of the payer and communicating with the other side in a solution-oriented way.


Communicating product benefits holistically

You will be most successful in the negotiation if you show that your product is more than study data – namely the solution to an important health problem. We are experts in developing a value story for your product that is an ideal synthesis of all clinical and economic benefits – and emotionalises it as well. For optimal results, we have developed Value Advisory Boards, where payers and other stakeholders put the finishing touches to your value story, and which have already proven to be very helpful.

Understanding the Payer Perspective

The key to a good negotiation strategy is to consistently focus on the perspective of the payers. You have to understand what motivates the respective negotiating team of the other side, what the »pain points« and »gain points« are in order to find arguments that are convincing. An analysis of the previous arbitration practice is indispensable for the discussion with GKV-SV on an eye level. co.value analyzes arbitration verdicts in a dedicated database to give you an argumentative advantage and achieve maximum profitability for your drug.

Solution-oriented communication

A superior communication strategy is also required in order to achieve an optimal negotiation result. Here, co.value relies on solution-oriented communication, which is based on the concept of Marshall B. Rosenberg that we have optimised specifically for reimbursement price negotiations. Solution-oriented communication enables you to directly communicate the important core messages and at the same time build an authentic, trusting relationship with the negotiating partner. In addition, you will be able to react adequately to unexpected counter-arguments and blunt questions from the negotiating partner, while at the same time safeguarding your interests and not compromising the atmosphere of the discussion. We have achieved excellent negotiation results with this method, especially in difficult constellations.

Fixed amounts

In case of losing market exclusivity, fixed amounts (Festbeträge) become relevant, which are determined according to defined rules. We develop the optimal fixed amount strategy for you. With our expertise, we can identify ways for you to avoid a fixed amount classification. We can simulate fixed amounts and check the fixed amounts set by GKV-SV.

Your benefit from our services:

  • Hammering out of convincing value stories for benefit communication in reimbursement negotiations
  • Conception, planning and execution of Value Advisory Boards
  • Value presentations with®Evidence research on comparable medicinal products and support with Appendices I to III according to the framework agreement with the GKV-SV
  • Accompanying price negotiations with the GKV-SV
  • Coaching offer: Mastering difficult negotiation situations with the help of solution-oriented communication
  • Arbitration verdict analysis with in-house database
  • Comprehensive advice on the topic of fixed amounts: Fixed amount strategy, commenting process to avoid classification and a favorable influence on the fixed amount
  • Simulation of fixed amounts and checking the fixed amount set by GKV-SV