Medical writing

Texts that convincingly communicate evidence and value are the key to success in market access. When creating HTA documents and user dossiers, it is important to understand the requirements of the documents to be submitted. Our medical writers have a deep understanding of the regulatory processes and relevant guidelines (G-BA, EUnetHTA, NICE, etc.).

Medical writing for market access is much more than the creation of benefit dossiers. Medical-scientific publications such as reviews and health-economics papers also contribute to profitable benefit communication. The co.value team includes experienced medical writers for every writing task and indication, who ensure that the texts meet the highest standards and accurately meet the requirements of the respective target group.

Whether it is user dossiers, global value dossiers, reviews or health-economics papers - we produce texts of the highest quality for you in German and, with the help of our native speakers, naturally also in English.

How you can benefit from our services:

  • Preparation of global value dossiers, benefit dossiers for early benefit assessment, and other HTA documents
  • Writing of medical and health-economics manuscripts, e.g. reviews, study publications, congress contributions
  • Creation of scientific posters and slide decks