About co.value

What matters to us

Better health care

Market access is all about ensuring reimbursement for innovative products from which patients benefit. It is tragic when innovative products do not become accessible to patients due to the complex market access regulations in Germany or do not obtain a sustainable reimbursement price that rewards innovational companies. co.value is committed to demonstrating the value of our client’s pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices or digital health care applications to authorities, health insurances or other health care institutions with expertise and passion – to improve the health care of patients.

Complete transparency

Our clients should be able to fully trust us. We at co.value therefore believe in clear communication and complete transparency, from our quote and the first step of the project right up to the feedback session after successful project completion – to ensure that you have a complete understanding of what we do at all times.

Maximum benefit

As a service provider our long-term existence depends on the value of our services for our clients. This basic principle is already reflected in our company name co.value. We work agile, service oriented and in line with your processes – to achieve the best possible results for you as a client.

Our team

At co.value we have a multi-professional team of dedicated physicians, health economists, statisticians and scientists. With many years of experience in market access and benefit assessment, we know how to achieve the best possible results for you as a client.

Dr. med. Marc Esser
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Leonie Fröhlich

Dr. Bastian Thaa

Dr. Mira Meyer-Ács

Dr. Juliane Schreier

Dr. Christiane Ring

Dr. Martin Rohrer

Dr. med. Simone Breitkopf

Dr. Alexander Boreham

Melody Watson, B.Sc.

Dr. Michael Wördehoff

Dr. Meike Janto

Janine Petters, M. Sc.

Laura Kalkbrenner

Dr. Bastian Gaus

Stefanie Boeckmann, Pharmacist

Dr. Linda Sawade

Lisa Kramer, M. Sc.

Bastian Stattelmann

Lisa Kiesel

Tatjana Lux, M. Sc.

Laura Loke, B. Sc.

Dr. med. vet. Anne Beiersdorf

Emily Raspe

Almut Susanne Wilmes

We are hiring

co.value is growing. We offer exciting opportunities in a promising industry with the potential to work independently on customer projects. Interested? Click here for vacancies. (German)

Cooperation partners

Networking is everything. The core team of co.value maintains diverse contacts with medical specialists, biometricians, and health policy decision-makers. This enables us to handle even complex projects with a high level of expertise. Here you can find some of our cooperation partners.