Benefit communication in market access is a strategic task

Targeting relevant stakeholders

The benefit of your medicinal product or medical device can only be evaluated positively if it is understood by the relevant decision-makers. Therefore, the communication of benefits in the area of market access is a strategic task that should be started early. This task is made challenging by the fact that the stakeholders in the healthcare system have very different interests. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the AMNOG process and other decision-making processes in the German and European health care system, we can anticipate the different interests of the involved decision-makers and develop evidence-based, specific and convincing benefit communication. Our large network of multipliers and recommenders helps us to do this. In particular, we also offer all the analysis instruments, presentation media and writing skills necessary for successful communication in market access.

How you can benefit from our services:

  • Creation of a positive climate of opinion through comprehensive benefit communication to relevant stakeholders
  • Convincing communication of medical needs and creation of disease awareness
  • Conception and implementation of convincing evidence-based value stories
  • Writing of medical and health-economics publications
  • Systematic stakeholder mapping, accompanying analyses and monitoring
  • Organisation and implementation of advisory board meetings with relevant stakeholders, especially payers
  • Clear visual communication of benefits: infographics, posters, slide decks, presentations with our digital presentation tool®, and much more