Payer Value Story

Client situation

Our client, a research-based pharmaceutical company, has several antiviral drugs on the market. In order to highlight the value of its innovative drugs, especially in comparison to generics, a convincing value story was to be developed that could be presented to payers, e.g., in virtual meetings.

Our solution

A well-constructed value story is the central strategic basis for convincing payers, physicians and patients of a drug’s value. The disease burden and the unmet medical needs are contrasted with the economic and clinical value of the drug using the method of storytelling.

For our client, we developed a compelling value story in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that comprehensively presented the value of its therapeutics. In addition to the clinical value of the therapeutics, we also put a special emphasis on services that manufacturers of generics do not provide, such as patient programs, and other initiatives of our client. To increase the interactivity of the presentation in virtual meetings, we also incorporated polls. With the addition of a presentation guide and comprehensive consulting regarding storytelling, the complete package provided by us enabled our client to sustainably convince payers of its therapeutics, and to showcase the value of a dedicated research-based pharmaceutical company as a partner to physicians, patients, and payers.

Client benefit

By presenting the value story of its therapeutics to payers, our client was able to create awareness for the central importance of the client’s innovative therapeutics and communicate the client’s extensive initiatives to improve patient care. This convinced payers that the already high market shares  of generics in the indication must not be allowed to rise any further and that there must be a reasonable financial margin for prescribing our clients's innovative therapeutics.