Global value dossier

Client situation

One year before the planned launch, our client, a research-based pharmaceutical company, commissioned us to prepare a global value dossier (GVD) in an oncological indication. The aim of the GVD was to provide the various national markets with a wide range of information and argumentation building blocks in order to be able to extract the points relevant to the local situation.

Our solution

Based on a systematic literature research, we presented the burden of disease in the indication, determined the medical need and, using extensive clinical data, illustrated how this medical need can be served by the client's medication. Based on this information, we developed the clinical and health-economic value of the new medicinal product including the treatment of objections. A budget impact model was also part of the GVD.

Client benefits

The GVD serves our clients in all local markets as an important source of information. Thanks to our extensive oncological expertise, we were able to optimally present the value of the product.