European Patient Journey

Client situation

A global pharmaceutical company was preparing the European regulatory approval of a gene therapy for the treatment of a very rare hereditary disease. Successful market access, including the realization of advantageous reimbursement models in each European country, required a patient-centric market access strategy.

Our solution

Our starting point was the patient journey in Germany, which we then expanded to reflect the situation in other European countries relevant for our client. The complex journey of the patient through the German healthcare system was visualized, revealing information and data gaps. To close these gaps, we organized advisory boards with patients, doctors and payers. We captured and structured the knowledge gained until a graphically appealing, complete patient journey was available. In the next step, we conducted KOL screenings in the other relevant European countries. Based on in-depth interviews with the identified experts, we adapted the patient journey to the situation in the other relevant European countries. Our approach highlighted strategically important touch points of patients with prescribers, patient organizations, payers and other stakeholders in the individual European countries.

Client benefit

With the help of our European patient journey, it was possible to optimize the market access strategy in a patient-centered way. Through the identified strategic touch points, our client approached patients, prescribers, patient organizations and payers in a targeted manner. This supported our client in optimizing market access in the individual European countries and realizing advantageous reimbursement models.