We analyze the reimbursement potential for your planned acquisition

Value Assessment and Market Access Due Diligence

When buying a pharmaceutical company or in-licensing a drug/medical product, the future reimbursement potential plays a crucial role. Reimbursement price and sales forecasts are only realistic if payer willingness to pay has been validated and regulatory barriers to market access have been taken into account. We analyze individual products, product portfolios or companies for you with regard to market access. With our extensive experience in market access, we can help you determine realistic price estimations and revenue forecasts to realistically assess the value of your planned acquisition. Use the expertise of our professionals in this important sub-area of due diligence.


How you can benefit from our services:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the reimbursement potential
  • Payer research: interviews with payers to clarify willingness to pay
  • Market potential: identification of patient populations and analysis of the therapy landscape
  • Preparation of evidence-based price and revenue forecasts
  • Conducting SWOT analyses related to market access
  • Involvement of top clinical experts from our network