AMNOG compact: The complete journey through the German HTA process


The German system for health technology assessment, in particular early benefit assessment of medicines, is extremely complex and full of pitfalls. The process, as delineated by the »AMNOG« legislation, differs from HTA processes in other countries in a number of important elements. In our seminar you will get a well-founded overview, which will enable you to understand the AMNOG process in detail and to successfully follow the journey.


  • Various interests: Stakeholders in AMNOG
  • Strategic considerations for benefit assessment
  • Early advice from the G-BA: When, what to ask
  • Central element in AMNOG: the benefit dossier
  • Benefit assessment by IQWiG
  • Written statement and oral hearing: what matters
  • Reimbursement price negotiations with the statutory health insurance (GKV) and arbitration


This seminar is aimed at everyone who needs a quick and well-founded overview of the early benefit assessment in Germany. The seminar is particularly suited for Market Access Managers from foreign companies who are not familiar with the German system.

Your benefit

After completing this seminar, the AMNOG process will no longer be enigmatic for you. You will learn when and for which questions you should contact the G-BA, you will receive a well-founded introduction to the compilation of the benefit dossier and understand what is important in statements and hearings.

We conduct our seminars either on your premises as in-house seminars or in our office in Berlin. Even with only a few participants, the costs for your company are lower than when booking an external seminar.


Dr. med. Marc Esser

  • Medical Doctor and MBA
  • 20 years of experience in clinic, industry and consulting
  • Author of numerous publications in market access

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